Alpine Aviator Company encountered a great success with the Black Sheep Tour 2016 and we are now pleased to present our new edition:
the Black Sheep Tour 2017 from 2nd to 4th June 2017.

The fleet of the tour will include:
Lockheed Super Constellation*,
Yak 11,
Yak 9,
Grumman TBM Avenger,
Morane 406,  
North American Bronco.

*applicable to SCFA members

"Crew members" on board our Black Sheep Tour fleet of historical aircraft will not only directly be involved in the preparation of the airshow, be part of the airshow Crew, but also feel as a WWII pilot for a weekend and discover varied landscapes flying across France, Germany and Czech Republic.


1/ outbound flight from Basel to Pardubice on TBM Aveng16er, Yak 11 or Yak 9 plus return flight on airline from Prague to your city of departure (Switzerland or France) or on Super Constellation (subject to seat availability at confirmation time) at EUR 3’000 in total, per crew member.

2/ round trip on Super Constellation at EUR 2’000 in total, per passenger
The above prices include

-Hotel accommodation (2 nights)
-Ground transportation airshow - hotel
-Entrance to Pardubice Airshow (3rd and 4th June)
-Saturday evening meal
3/ one way sector on Super Constellation at EUR 1'000 in total per passenger
(not including any airline fare)
Basel-Pardubice or Pardubice-Basel


Please do not hesitate to contact us to help you make the right choice on the aircraft and discuss about our à-la-carte options. For an accurate answer to your technical queries, please contact Laurent. 
Seats are available on the aircraft mentioned above.  Please note that the registration deadline on the Super Connie is on 28th April 2017 for legal reasons as part of the aircraft association's terms and conditions. As for the escorting warbirds, the registration deadline is on 28th April 2017. 

Black Sheep Tour 2016 available at: